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The soft radiance of candlelight filled the room, casting shadows on the walls and highlighting the silk sheets that draped the large bed. The scent of lavender and increased filled the air, stimulating a sense of calm and decadence. As I stepped inside, my anticipation reached a fever pitch - partially since I knew that on the other side of the door, things would be permanently changed.

Our relationship had actually always been extreme, though not in the way you might think. We started out as colleagues, bonding over late nights at the office and sharing disappointments about the ins and outs of our particular positions. Over time, our discussions grew much deeper, and more personal, till we finally confessed to each other that despite looks, we could not deny that there was a magnetic physical destination between us. Planning a weekend away was precisely what we needed to check out these deeper sensations in a more intimate setting.

The night started with a remaining, passionate kiss - tender, yet filled with promise. Our hands explored each other's bodies, fingertips gently tracing the curves and contours that we 'd covertly appreciated for so long. It was the kind of passionate touch that flowed through your entire body, like electricity pulsing through your veins.

As I slowly undressed her, my hands shaking from the enjoyment of finally being so near this woman I 'd wanted for so long, she reached into a nearby bag and produced a bottle of fragrant massage oil. The liquid was smooth and warm, and as I slid it over her body, I enjoyed the sensation of her skin versus mine.

I began at her neck, working my way down her arms and shoulders, my fingers pushing carefully into her muscles and bringing sighs of satisfaction to her lips. As I reached the little of her back, she discharged a satisfied moan and I felt her muscles melt and loosen under my touch.

Even with all this enjoyable contact, we had yet to truly address our underlying desire - up until I slowly and purposefully moved further down her body, leaving the safety zone of her back and legs for more intimate areas.

When my fingers inched more detailed to her center, she gasped and shuddered in anticipation of what was to come. I continued to touch her gently, teasingly, sometimes reducing back to massage her inner thighs prior to returning to her wet, swollen lips. She was wild, and filled with desire, but I wished to ensure she experienced every experience of this erotic exchange.

As I continued my tender ministrations, she could no longer include her stimulation. I enjoyed in amazement as she reached down, her fingers brushing against mine as they danced below her quivering hips - an erotic dance that spoke volumes about our connection. When she finally asked me to enter her, I could withstand the call no more.

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We moved as one, two bodies connected in an intimate dance that transcended the physical. Her touch, her scent, and the growing crescendo of her satisfaction in action to my every movement served to only encourage me even more. As we reached our climax, we held onto each other tightly, a set of tangled limbs, and whispered tricks of romantic desert.

In the aftermath of our passion, we lay in the pool of light cast by the candles on that silken bed. Soft music filled the space, wrapping its tune around us like a cocoon, and I could not marvel but help at the spectacular depths of our connection.

My fingertips carefully traced the shapes of her sides, following the curve of her hips in a teasing, tantalizing dance. Hovering at the edge of her lace panties, I permitted my fingers to wander ever so a little underneath the fabric, feeling her heat radiate through the delicate lace that separated us.

As my hands moved down her thighs, her breath caught in her throat, and I smiled devilishly at her reaction. I knelt in between her legs, my eyes locked onto her progressively hungry gaze. Thoroughly, I relieved her panties down the length of her legs, leaving her completely exposed to my adoring eyes.

Her arousal sparkled, the proof of her desire difficult to disregard. My breath hitched in my chest as I leaned in, pushing a light kiss to her inner thigh, just millimeters from her throbbing center. She discharged a whimper, her body shivering with anticipation.

I continued my teasing, grazing her folds with the idea of my tongue before moving back to her thighs. Her groans grew more desperate, her hands gripping the silk sheets as she battled the desire to get my head and guide me to taste her entirely. I was in no rush; I knew how long we had waited for this moment, and I meant to savor every tasty second.

Not able to withstand any longer, I deserted my teasing and dove totally into her slick, warm heat. My tongue danced along the length of her, relishing the noises she made as I explored her body in such a way I had actually just dreamt about formerly.

Her taste was envigorating, a heady blend of sweet and salty that had me craving more with every lick. Without breaking my rhythm, I slipped two fingers inside her, feeling her muscles tighten up around me as I started to pump them in and out, relocating time with my tongue.

As her groans of pleasure increased in intensity, so too did my desire to bring her to the edge of euphoria. I pressed the pad of my thumb against her inflamed nub, feeling her body tremble as a wave of satisfaction flowed through her whole being. Her back arched, every muscle straining with the effort of attempting to control her rapidly unwinding senses.

Prior to long, she was begging me to let her come, her breath being available in ragged gasps as her climax approached. I didn't wish to hold her back any longer, but the intensity of this shared journey demanded that we continue.

As I pulled my fingers without her she sobbed out, desperate for the sweet release she so badly required. Resting beneath her hips, my body remains strongly in assistance of her as her shivering pace sped up. With my complimentary hand, I reached between my legs and assisted myself inside her. I entered her gradually, all the while enjoying the rapture on her face as she experienced what she had craved for months.

Get rid of with enjoyment, her fingers dug into my back as her climax overtook her. The sensations were so perfect, so extreme, that it felt as if a dam had actually broken within me-- sending us both speeding over the edge into a world of pure, delighted release and bliss.

The soft glow of candlelight filled the room, casting shadows on the walls and highlighting the silk sheets that curtained the big bed. Our hands explored each other's bodies, fingertips carefully tracing the curves and contours that we 'd privately admired for so long. We moved as one, 2 bodies linked in an intimate dance that transcended the physical. She let out a whimper, her body shivering with anticipation.

I pushed the pad of my thumb against her swollen nub, feeling her body shudder as a wave of enjoyment surged through her entire being.


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